There are three ways to access the digital printables you’ve bought from our store.

  1. Instant Download
  2. Email
  3. Store

1. Instant Download

The download links to your files will be available instantly on the webpage that follows a successful checkout (see below).

To save your files, just click on the buttons in the Download column.

This page is available for one time only. But don’t worry if you’ve missed this, there are other ways to access the printables you’ve purchased.

download is available right after checkout

2. How to Download Through Email

screenshot of email with download link

An email containing the download link(s) will be sent to you after you’ve completed a purchase on our store.

To download your printables, just click on the links in the Download column (see screenshot above).

The link text is not important. In the screenshot above, the download link text is Download, but they can sometimes be other words, such as the name of the product variant.

3. How to Download from the Store

Another way to access the files your bought is through the MG Store.

screenshot of my account page with instructions

First log into your account with your username and password.

Then go to My account and select Downloads.

The Downloads subpage will show all the purchases you’ve made in the past as well as the buttons for you to download them.

To download, click on the buttons in the Download column.


If you’re on a mobile device, My account is accessible via the hamburger menu at the top of the screen. See demonstration below.

accessing my account on mobile

If you still have any questions, please reach out to our customer service.